Japanese sweets are also called art of the five senses.
To say nothing of taste, smell, and tactile sense, a change of the four seasons can be felt visually and the sound of the 31-syllable Japanese poems (Waka) and 17-syllable Japanese poems (Haiku) from which the names of Japanese sweets originate can be felt aurally.
We adhere to traditional processes and materials so that these five senses can be felt comfortably, and deliver the sweets which can be satisfied by our customers.

  • Preference to Foodstuff Materials

    To say nothing of high-quality red beans made in Hokkaido and the highest-quality Japanese traditional refined sugar, and the selection of all the materials, we are endeavoring to make good Japanese sweets by using the fresh materials (Yamato tea, strawberries, persimmons, etc.) as much as possible which can be produced in local Nara.

  • Preference to the sweets just being made

    In order to enjoy the original flavor of Japanese sweets, the unbaked cakes made in the morning are just prepared devotedly in the factory at the back of the shop by Japanese sweets craftsmen every day.